ShepHydro is a Seawater Hydro-Electric Power Desalination Station - an idea brought about by the need to solve a particular problem - desalinate water for Sydney without generating greenhouse gas.

The concept presented of using seawater for producing hydro-electricity simultaneously desalinating water is not limited to Sydney and has meaning for any city near the ocean world wide.
ShepHydro pumps seawater up into an elevated tank
and makes clean hydro-electricity and
desalinated water on the way down.
Having one machine doing the job of two
is probably a more efficient use of energy
...but that's just the beginning.

Seawater Hydro-Electric Power Desalinators
pave the way of upgrade
from existing power and water systems
to bridge the gap between old and new technology
...into a clean future.
Seawater and Hydro when combined
have unique undiscovered qualities
and are an unbeatable team.

ShepHydro marks
The Coming Together of Energy and Ecology

Professor Stuart B. Hill
School of Social Ecology Lifelong Learning, University of Western Sydney, Penrith South, NSW.

1. We are at a critical threshold – a moment of profound choice – in the 'psychosocial' development of our species – of continuing with ways of living that destroy our soils, habitats and consequently those dependent on them, including ourselves, or of taking "the road less travelled” – through emphasising personal, cultural and ecological sustainability and wellbeing – towards healthy soils, habitats and species.

2. All of us have already started down this road and wondered, even if only in very preliminary ways, about what to do next, and about how to dare to do it, and find the allies and other supports to help us. It is imperative that we acknowledge, share, celebrate, continue and, where appropriate, to expand on these initiatives.

3. Further sustainable change will be achieved largely not through mega-projects, but by each of us individually and in small mutually supportive and collaborative groups, taking small meaningful, locally relevant actions, and sharing the processes involved, and publicly celebrating the outcomes, to make them available to others (thereby "making such ‘healthy’ approaches contagious").

The whole participation completely outpaced all our outlook.

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4. Even small groups of people – if truly committed to such action – can play a major role in this process of cultural transformation. A great diversity of other small compatible groups and initiatives are, at this time in our history, emerging across the world. This process of synchronous emergence and eventual reaching of thresholds of significant transformative change, which has been called 'Morphogenic Change' (Sheldrake 1981) or the '100th Monkey Phenomenon', is just one expression of the non-linear nature of change in nature. This may be your moment to take your next significant step in your own process of development and ecological/social action. I encourage you to use this opportunity to get the information and support that you need, and to dare to act on it. If we all postpone taking such action, it is certain that the quality of life of future generations will progressively be degraded as we continue to lose our soils, habitats and other species with which we share this amazing planet.

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